Our team

A recruitment process adapted to every need

In order to provide excellent services, we have developed a strict recruitment policy. With this policy, we run nowadays a strong and versatile team, in whom we have absolute trust.

Moreover, we care about individually meeting the needs of all our clients. To do so, we have only one watchword: concordance. Each profile is carefully considered, to best match the identity of your company and the requirements of your industry.

Essential qualities

We pay particular attention to some qualities that we believe are essential to ensure the role of hostess or host.


  • Presentation and ability to listen
  • Great adaptation capacity
  • Easy and caring human touch
  • Strong language skills (bilingual or trilingual)

Continuous training

Within the family of Théma, each new entrant receives a dual training.

A theoretical training: Our hostesses and hosts follow e-learning training modules about different subjects. They also take part in sessions to strengthen their language skills.

A practical training: Our hostesses and hosts are trained to their work positions in the presence of an experienced team member. Each training session is adapted to the specificities of the site (instructions, specificities, procedures, etc.). The skills acquired are then followed and validated by a supervisor.

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